Trade Copier ServiceDescription
MetaTrader 4/5 Local Trade CopierDesigned for MT4/MT5 platforms, this copier allows for fast and easy copying of orders between accounts on the same computer.
Duplikium Trade CopierA cloud-based copier that supports multiple platforms like MT4/5, cTrader, FXCM, LMAX, and others, offering flexibility for traders using different brokers.
Social Trader ToolsA cloud-based platform that provides a trade copier system along with additional tools for managing multiple MT4/5 accounts.
ZuluTradeCombines social trading with copy trading, allowing users to follow and copy the trades of professional traders in forex and other markets.
eToroKnown for its social trading platform, eToro offers copy trading features where users can mirror the trades of selected investors.
FX Blue Personal Trade CopierA popular choice for MT4/MT5 users, offering customizable copying options, including reverse copying and symbol mapping.
Signal StartA service that provides professional trade copying for forex traders, with a focus on signal service integration.
CopyMe.ioAllows traders to become signal providers or copy trades from other successful traders, integrating with MT4/MT5 platforms.
Forex CopierOffers versatile trade copying solutions for MT4/MT5, suitable for personal use or managing client accounts.
TradeMirrorA web-based trade copier that supports various platforms and brokers, focusing on real-time copying and scalability.

These trade copiers vary in terms of platform compatibility, features, and target audience. Some are more suited for individual traders who wish to copy trades to their own accounts, while others are designed for account managers or signal providers who need to distribute trades to multiple clients. When choosing a trade copier, consider factors like compatibility with your trading platform, the complexity of setup, cost, reliability, and the specific features you need for your trading strategy.